Bulletin 17th Sunday Of The Year

24/07/2011 09:12




This week the story is about Jonah and the Whale and next week it will be about Daniel and the Lions.

Stories start at 2.00 p.m. each Wednesday in the Pauline Bookshop Exchange Square.



An email has been received from Bishop Moran, who is the president of SCIAF, appealing for help to alleviate the suffering of the dehydrated and dying adults and children we see in harrowing images on the news. We have a number of WEE BOXES left from the time of the Haitian earthquake Why not as a family take one home and leave it at the tap in the kitchen so you can return it with a small donation to Sciaf as a thank you for the abundant water we have on tap.


www.sciaf.org.uk/ or phone 354 5555

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