Bulletin 21st Sunday Of The Year

21/08/2011 09:46


The Profession of Faith
The words we say to profess our faith are changing, but our faith remains the same. When the revised translation is implemented, we will be using a revised text for the creed we recite each Sunday. You will probably notice more changes in this text than in any other words you say at Mass. The guiding principle for the revision has been to make the English closer to the original Latin. Translators have learned a lot in the past forty years, and they have given us a text that expresses our common faith with more precision. Catholics profess the Creed each Sunday in various languages all over the world.

Especially for this part of the Mas it is important that we all say the same words; there is one faith (Ephesians 4:5)


Your continuing generosity to the parish is very much appreciated and in particular to the drought stricken regions of Africa. Over £300 will be sent to Sciaf this week towards the famine and drought relief appeal.


Archdiocese of Glasgow Arts Project (AGAP) Film & Faith Club

AGAP will be showing both parts of the acclaimed film dramatisation of the life of Blessed Pope John Paul II at St. Michael’s church hall Gallowgate Parkhead (Opposite the Cineworld )
Monday 5th September ............”Karol, A Man who became Pope” at 7pm.
Thursday 8th September...........“Karol.. The Pope.. The man” at 7 pm.
Performances are free. All welcome.

Children must be accompanied (cert 12)

Car parking available.. www.agap.org.uk

The SVDP society completed a busy week on Saturday. The annual door to door collection was followed by the flag day. We thank the parish conference for their ministry to the needy throughout our neighbourhood. If anyone would like to learn more about their work here at St. Ninian’s then either speak to the President Joe McGuire or any of the members after the Masses.


The Scouts  "Beavers and Cubs"  restart this week in the scout hall, Knightswood Road. You can get more information from Ernie Taylor 579 5573.


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